Improving Children’s Lives Through Music

What We Are Doing About It!

The I’ll Fly Away Foundation, along with a team of experts, created a curriculum we take into schools that encourages students to get involved in a music program. The curriculum can be adapted for students from pre K-university level. This program not only encourages music involvement today, but addresses the significance of music over the past 100 years.

If a school does not have a music program to get involved in we will help them find one in their area or help them set a music program up.

In 2012 we helped over 700 students get involved in a music program. Our program encouraged them to take a closer look at music and most of those students have seen an academic increase in their performance.

Your gift is an investment in a child’s future

Gifts of every size provide the support that ensures the future growth for our programming. Your generosity is how we demonstrate to children we believe in them.

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Our Board


The I’ll Fly Away Foundation’s mission is to preserve the roots of music. All music. I feel so blessed to be able to represent the musical heritage of my grandfather and other pioneers of modern music.

Music Statistics


Music education can do a lot to help children in development. Here are some statistics that show why music makes a difference. That’s why we do what we do.

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Over the years, we have had the privilege of hearing the most amazing stories about “I’ll Fly Away”. Share your story here with others who have heart felt memories of I’ll Fly Away. Please tell us your story.

Our Mission

School Program

Educating our young people through musical expression while preserving our musical heritage.


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