Al Bell share support for the I’ll Fly Away Foundation and Power of Music Festival

Al Bell said, “If you take music out of our lives we cease to exist as a human race.”


I am honored and thankful to be blessed with the opportunity to work with Betsy Brumley and the “I’ll Fly Away Foundation” because their mission represents the essence of what I live for!


My mission is seeking ways and means to incorporate the art and science of music into human lives so as to create an “all is well” spiritual melody and a natural rhythm among people to perpetuate cultural harmony among all of the members of our community.  I love this!!!


I will be standing tall, filled with passion and proudly at the Power of Music Festival and Music Conference April 26th through 29th.


If you care about this kind of thinking I humbly ask you to join us, interact with us and support us.  If you take music out of our lives we cease to exist as a human race.



  • Al Bell, Chairman & CEO, Al Bell Presents, LLC



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