Improving children’s lives through music. Music is a universal language and songwriting tells the story. We use songwriting to give a child a voice to tell their story.

How songwriting helps children:
Music is one piece of a big web we call The Arts. Songwriting is the vocal storytelling, the connective string that bridges the gaps and binds all musical strands together. Through guided songwriting children can learn using rhythmic methods to create new pathways to learning with results that echo across any curriculum. It is an open and easy alternative pathway to learning. Once opened, these pathways can lead to new problem-solving methods and become applicable everywhere.


I would teach children music, physics and philosophy: but mostly music, for in the patterns of music and all arts are the keys to learningPlato

Music Education Statistics
Test Scores

Students with music education scored 22% higher on English tests and 20% better on math at the elementary and high school levelsProf Christopher Johnson, University of Kansas, 2008
Students with music classes scored 105 points higher on the SATThe College Board, 2012

Kids stay in school and graduate!

Attendance Rate

Graduation Rate

With Music



Without Music



96% of all school principals feel music encourages and motivates children to stay in school.McGill University, 2007

How can you help?

We are looking for 5,000 music lovers. We NEED your help to improve our children’s lives through music. The I’ll Fly Away Foundation has created the You Can Fly Songwriting Program for schools. This program is a guided songwriting program to teach children how to unlock their creative potential using their curriculum as a medium. Without support, our next generation could miss out on the magic of making music. Donate today!

Monthly Music Supporter

$20 a month sponsors 6 children for a year through the You Can Fly Songwriting Program
$73 a month sponsors an entire class for 1 year of the You Can Fly Songwriting Program

One-time gifts

Sponsor an entire school for 1 year $10,000 indicate school
Sponsor an entire grade level at a school for 1 year $5,000 indicate 3rd or 5th grade
Sponsor 1 entire classroom for 1 year $1,000
Sponsor 10 children for an entire year $350
Sponsor 1 child for an entire year $35