Power Of Music Festival

Presented by Coca-Cola
Bentonville, AR
April 27-29, 2017

“Doug and I are excited to see what you have in store for our community through music. We understand how music, and the composition of songs, can open up a child’s world in a way that they may have never explored before. It can be a very important tool in telling a child’s personal story, or helping a child just relate to someone else.”

– Shelley McMillon, Wife of Walmart CEO Doug McMillon

The I’ll Fly Away Foundation is creating a multi-genre songwriter festival to celebrate the power that music has to make a difference in our lives. We are inviting 60+ songwriters from around the world to Bentonville, AR to tell the stories behind the hits we hear on the radio. Numerous artists will play all over several venues located around the Bentonville downtown area. We will be featuring in-the-round type showcases as well as a few unique one off shows. On Saturday April 29, we will be showcasing children’s song songwriters. This will be held at Crystal Bridges American History Museum in the morning followed by a family songwriting workshop in the afternoon to showcase what the Foundation’s educational mission does best.

The Power Of Music Festival has partnered with Coca-Cola as it’s presenting partner. Coke has brought in some of their partners like Sam’s Club and Walmart to help showcase select artists with in-store promotional videos. Coke will also be creating an artist and fan experience where the fan can get autographs, photos and merchandise signed by the artist.
The Power Of Music Festival has also partnered with SESAC and BMI, performing rights organizations that represent publishers and songwriters to help bring more songwriters to Bentonville. These two organizations will help round out our line-up to ensure we have an amazingly diverse, multi-genre songwriter festival.



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