Since its launch in 2014, the I’ll Fly Away Foundation’s You Can Fly Songwriting Program initiative has helped build better leaders for tomorrow by helping children gain confidence, teaching them critical thinking skills and problem solving, teamwork and communication skills all while their test scores are rising due to better retention skills.

The You Can Fly Songwriting Program has served over 4, 500 children in the 5 years since the program was piloted in Missouri. Each year we grew by 100% until this last year we grew by 300% and now the You Can Fly Songwriting Program has grown to include a Professional Development piece for the teachers which is included with the songwriting program.

We have grown through trial and error, conferring with music experts, advisement from music industry professionals and created the best turn key songwriting system for any group of people with a special focus on children.

When we started the program, we wanted to help children learn using songwriting. What we got is so much more. Our program not only helps children learn but empowers them with confidence that they can build on for their entire life.