Taking on all of the details and craziness that comes with organizing a festival, many people have asked us why we do it. It’s a valid question that sometimes I ask myself and come up with no answers. Here’s the long and short of it all.

If you live in Northwest Arkansas, you know how many Galas are happening each weekend for the many different charities that we have here. They’re all doing great work, but we wanted something different. We know that we need to do something to raise money and awareness for the I’ll Fly Away Foundation. And we mostly wanted to do something that what would set us apart from others. We figured, we do songwriting is schools. We know lots of songwriters, local and internationally known songwriters. We’ve helped put on a festival with our music publishing company. So, with all of those assets in our back pocket, we created the Power of Music Festival because we wanted to create a musical event that most people in Northwest Arkansas never would have the chance to attend unless they traveled to Nashville or beyond.

There are two main points to feature in the Power of Music Festival. The main purpose is to entertain the public and generate money to help support the I’ll Fly Away Foundation and our songwriting program. Our second purpose is to inform and educate local musicians on the inner workings of the music industry. The music industry is so much more than getting on stage and playing music for people to enjoy. There are so many little things that must be done to earn a living and not infringe on other people intellectual property, while being sure to collect on your own. It’s a something that even many nationally known musicians are still learning. All in all, we’re happy to add to the Northwest Arkansas Music Eco-System and help it grow to be sustainable for years to come.